VR Controller Grips Protector Cover with Anti-Throw Knuckle Strap


    • Quieter VR Experience: adopts silicone, ABS and rubber materials and noise dampener technology to maximize silence and minimize cable tug during use.
    • Simpler Design: simplify this system from noise-free integrated design of the top soft loop and pulley body to 360° rotations function integrated inside the cable holder, make it is easy to assemble and disassemble and adapts to different types of cable to fix them without slipping over the cable.
    • Two Ways To Install: Easy to setup, you can choose adhesive hooks or screw hooks, depends on whether you want it to permanent or not and what kind of ceiling you have.
    • Broad Compatibility: Suitable for Vive/for Oculus Rift S/PS VR, etc.
    •  More Comfrotable: The tension of the retractable wire is moderate and can extend up to 71 inches long then rebound automatically, gives you a more comfortable VR experience.

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